Two of Wands



A compass made of magenta-colored wands rests over a map. The land masses are bright yellow and the seas are bright blue. Green leaves are scattered over the map.

Key words

Upright: aspiration, planning, exploration, prospects

Reversed: impatience, doubt, fear of change, poor planning

Reflection questions

  • How can I create a solid plan of action toward achieving my goals?
  • What new possibilities or opportunities am I considering? What support do I need in order to pursue them?
  • What fears or doubts might be holding me back from exploring new possibilities?

Two of Wands Upright

You’re contemplating new opportunities and may be reluctant to leave your comfort zone. The whole world awaits you, but you’ll never find out what it has to offer if you don’t venture out. Making a plan will make the journey less intimidating; get a sense of the big picture and then plan out your first few steps in detail. You will run into obstacles, but you’ll overcome them easily. Those obstacles might change how you get to your final destination, but they won’t stop you from getting there.

Two of Wands Reversed

You feel like a big fish in a small pond, and you want to see what lies beyond your comfort zone. However, you may be feeling hesitant because you doubt your abilities and you realize how easy it would be to stay put. What will you miss out on if you take the easy route? While you want to take time to form a plan, don’t stall so much that an opportunity passes you by. If you’re waiting for permission to follow your dreams… why? That permission only needs to come from within.