Three of Wands



Three palm trees stand in a row, ordered from youngest (and shortest) to oldest (and tallest). Yellow tufts of grass form at the base of the trees, and there are white, fluffy clouds against bright blue skies in the background.

Key words

Upright: expansion, rapid growth, progression, anticipation

Reversed: obstacles, avoidable setbacks, delays, frustration

Reflection questions

  • How can I balance my desire for stability and security with my need for growth and exploration?
  • What steps can I take to expand my knowledge and skills?
  • How do I approach planning for the future? Do I set a clear vision and strategy or do I take things as they come? How well does this work for me?

Three of Wands Upright

You have put in some hard work and are seeing initial success, but you also see challenges ahead. You can easily overcome those challenges if you proceed with caution. Assess the resources available to you. Can your friends, family, or community help you realize your dreams?

Three of Wands Reversed

Get clarity on what is expected of you and what you need from others— are you expecting too much? If you’re feeling discouraged by obstacles, know that you can easily overcome them. These early setbacks will help you iron out the details in your plan to ensure long-term success. Ask yourself whether self-sabotage is at play: if you’re not ready to leave your comfort zone, you may be hindering your own progress.