Seven of Wands



A naked figure with purple hair and closed eyes is kneeling on a yellow mat and clutching some green vegetation. They have arranged seven wands around them to form a protective barrier. Four purple figures with yellow eyes and sinister grins look down on the character. The background is purple and the area inside of the protective barrier is pink.

Key words

Upright: resistance, opposition, defensiveness, higher ground

Reversed: vulnerability, loss of power, being backed into a corner

Reflection questions

  • Do I have trouble standing up for myself? What fears or insecurities might be behind that?
  • When was the last time I felt ill-prepared for a situation? What did I learn?
  • How do I handle criticism from others? Are there ways I can improve in this area?

Seven of Wands Upright

You may feel ill-prepared or inadequate for the situation at hand. Or perhaps you feel you’re being criticized every step of the way. Don’t let either of these things cause self-doubt because determination will see you through. You have the higher ground and can choose which criticisms to engage with— some may end up being helpful, but you can freely ignore everything else. Make peace with the fact that you can’t make everyone happy 100% of the time. That might mean sacrificing your own wants every so often, but make sure you’re not the one conceding all the time.

Seven of Wands Reversed

You’re not feeling confident in your strength and abilities, and you’re overwhelmed with all the responsibility you’ve taken on. You may even be sabotaging yourself because you’re afraid of failure— or afraid of succeeding. Do not expect of yourself what you wouldn’t expect of other people. It’s okay that you’re not perfect because no one is. As long as you are determined and give it an honest try, you will be successful (or at the very least, you will learn valuable lessons for next time).