King of Wands



A tree extends far above the canopy of other trees, missing the very top. A brown-skinned figure with black hair sits on top of the tree and holds one of the tree’s branches in their right hand. They look off to the left, scanning the woodlands below. They wear pink robes, yellow shoes and gloves, and a pink cape with a yellow underside. The cape billows in the wind. The sky is pale yellow with white clouds.

Key words

Upright: leadership, honesty, vision

Reversed: anger, impulsiveness, recklessness, tyranny

Reflection questions

  • How can my core values inform my leadership style and decision-making process?
  • How can I use my power to advocate for those who may not have a voice or platform?
  • How can I foster a culture of collaboration and mutual respect in my relationships or at work?

King of Wands Upright

The King of Wands is a friendly, conscientious leader. They are strong-willed, sometimes to a fault. They expect a lot from the people in their life and can get frustrated when people don’t live or work up to their full potential. This person could represent you or someone in your life. The King of Wands encourages you to find your inner leader and help others realize shared goals.

King of Wands Reversed

The King of Wands in reverse represents an authoritarian who is unwilling to hear others’ perspectives. They don’t trust others to carry out a task correctly so they might micromanage. At the same time, they’ll set unrealistic expectations for themselves and others. As you pursue your goals, make sure you’re not disempowering or otherwise mistreating those who are available to help.