Four of Wands



Four poles with leafy vines wrapped around them form two arches standing on green grass. Purple mountains are in the background, against a pink-purple gradient sky.

Key words

Upright: celebration, rite of passage, joy, prosperity

Reversed: lack of support, instability, uncertainty, transition

Reflection questions

  • What traditions or rituals can I establish to honor important moments and transitions in my life?
  • How can I support others in my community in achieving their own goals?
  • What kind of environment do I need to create in order to feel a sense of safety and stability?

Four of Wands Upright

You have laid a solid foundation for long-term success and security. Take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments and reflect on your progress. Invite others to join the partyโ€” now is a good time to ask for support so youโ€™ll have Team You in place if and when things get tough. Remember that you are more than just your work, and make time to develop other aspects of your life. Friendships, hobbies, and rest are all just as important too.

Four of Wands Reversed

You are craving stability and feeling like you donโ€™t have support from someone who is important to you. Surround yourself with family (chosen or otherwise) and friends to remind you of the love and support you do have in your life. If you are having trouble committing to something, take time to reflect on whether itโ€™s something you truly want or if you have been pressured to think you want it. Even when you are feeling uncertain, the Four of Wands is always a good omen, so take comfort in knowing you will get back on track.