Eight of Wands



A dark-skinned person with long hair, shadowed in pink, determinedly climbs an orange ladder with eight rungs. The background is pastel blue.

Key words

Upright: rapid action, movement, progress

Reversed: panic, impatience, urgency

Reflection questions

  • What is currently changing in my life? How do I feel about it?
  • What are some potential risks or downfalls to acting quickly? Is there a situation in my life that may be worth that risk?
  • How can I stay grounded during times of rapid change?

Eight of Wands Upright

You have a plan and are ready to make some moves! You’re about to enter a busy period, but it will feel good rather than overwhelming. You may encounter some minor obstacles, but you’ll be able to power through. You have an opportunity to accomplish whatever you set your mind to— move quickly so it doesn’t pass you by!

Eight of Wands Reversed

Be careful about charging ahead without a clear plan, but at the same time don’t let that be an excuse for procrastination. You may have run into some delays or setbacks, but you can easily overcome those. Ask yourself whether there is something you’ve overlooked or somewhere you’ve “cut corners” and address it in order to get back on track.