Two of Swords



Against a yellow and black background, two swords cross. On the left, a pink hand holds a sword, and on the right two pink hands hold the other sword.

Key words

Upright: indecision, stalemate, difficult choice

Reversed: weighing options, stalemate, overwhelm

Reflection questions

  • When was the last time I had to make a difficult choice? How did I decide?
  • What strategies can I use to break free of indecision?
  • How can my intuition help me make decisions?

Two of Swords Upright

You have a difficult choice in front of you, and you may not have all of the information you need to be confident in your decision. You might be asked to follow your head or your heart, but you can’t choose if you don’t know what either part of you wants. Rather than delaying your decision, try seeking a second opinion: ask a trusted friend or mentor, or draw another tarot card to clarify the matter at hand.

Two of Swords Reversed

On some level you’ve already made up your mind, but you don’t feel ready to commit to your decision. Perhaps you’re sorting through conflicting information, or maybe there is a middle path you’re not seeing. You have to make a move at some point, so trust your intuition and release yourself from this stalemate.