Queen of Swords



A purple figure, shown from the shoulders up, stares intensely at the viewer and holds a sword between their eyes. On the outer edges of the scene the person’s face is reflected.

Key words

Upright: perceptiveness, intellect, meticulousness

Reversed: spite, snobbery, coldness

Reflection questions

  • What areas of my life would benefit from a more logical and analytical approach?
  • How can I create a greater balance between my analytical and intuitive sides?
  • How can I best approach situations where emotions cloud my judgement?

Queen of Swords Upright

The Queen of Swords is perceptive and confident, though they don’t like to show their weaknesses to others. They lead with their head rather than with their heart, and they want to know all the facts before making a decision. They are a straightforward communicator and can come across as harsh to those who don’t know them well. They set clear boundaries and expectations so others know how to treat them, and will return the respect they are given. While the Queen of Swords’ direct communication style and analytical approach to problem-solving are admirable traits, remember to let people see your softer side every once in a while to avoid isolating yourself.

Queen of Swords Reversed

The Queen of Swords in reverse represents someone who is prone to snobbery and elitism, thinking they know best and refusing to hear other points of view. They lack empathy and compassion, and they tend to isolate themselves rather than show emotion toward others. While it’s good to keep your emotions in check, don’t stifle them entirely.