Nine of Swords



A blue figure with long hair holds their head in their hands and wears a worried expression on their face. Nine yellow swords are bearing down on them from all directions. The background is a bright yellow-green.

Key words

Upright: anxiety, trauma, guilt, worry

Reversed: mindfulness, conscious choices, hope

Reflection questions

  • What thoughts and worries have been weighing on me?
  • How has my anxiety affected my relationships or interactions with others?
  • How can I avoid dwelling on past mistakes or regrets?

Nine of Swords Upright

You are caught in a negative feedback loop of anxiety. You’re likely being too hard on yourself, blaming yourself for whatever it is that haunts you. Guilt and worry can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, so take stock of what is and isn’t within your control. Your pain may feel overwhelming now, but know that it will fade with time. If your anxiety is negatively affecting your daily life, consider getting help from a trusted professional.

Nine of Swords Reversed

The Nine of Swords is about anxiety, which can sometimes be helpful. It warns you about dangerous situations or prevents you from being careless. When we can recognize and understand our anxiety, we can either quell it or thank it for raising our awareness. Meditation, counseling, and therapy are all helpful in managing anxiety— you might consider one of these approaches if you are feeling overwhelmed.