Seven of Pentacles



A top-down view of a palm tree shows three pink pentacles hanging in the tree and four pink pentacles on the grassy ground. The background is black.

Key words

Upright: hard work, investment, sustainability, patience

Reversed: wasted effort, distraction, low return

Reflection questions

  • What long-term goals am I working toward? How do I define success?
  • How can I stay motivated and focused on my goals even when progress seems slow or difficult?
  • How can I celebrate my progress without losing sight of the end goal?

Seven of Pentacles Upright

You’ve worked hard, but are hesitant to reap the rewards. Perhaps you feel too exhausted to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor. Now is a good time to take a break, evaluate what you’ve done so far, and assess what remains to be done. While long-term planning is important, you might consider going after some “quick wins” to keep you motivated.

Seven of Pentacles Reversed

You may be wondering whether your hard work will pay off, or perhaps you’ve seen the fruits of your labor and are wondering if it was worth it. Avoid the sunk cost fallacy: don’t stick with something just because you’ve already put in effort. If, upon reevaluation, you decide to keep going, make time for relaxation and play to avoid burnout.