Page of Pentacles



A brown-skinned person with long seafoam-green hair holds a pentacle up to their right eye as if it’s a monocle. They hold a bright blue book in their left hand, close to their chest. In the background is an orange wall with a yellow and orange set of doors.

Key words

Upright: ambition, scholarship, practicality, diligence

Reversed: lack of commitment, materialism, superficiality, daydreaming

Reflection questions

  • What steps can I take to ground my ideas and ambitions in practical reality?
  • What is something I would like to learn just for fun?
  • What small, practical steps can I take each day to move closer to my goals?

Page of Pentacles Upright

The Page of Pentacles represents someone who is practical, diligent, and who likes to learn. You may be feeling motivated to pursue your goals, or perhaps you want to try something just for fun— the Page of Pentacles encourages you to go for it! You might take a class without pursuing a degree, work at a hobby that doesn’t come naturally to you, or take on a project at work that requires some skill-building. Whatever you choose, make sure there is room for fun!

Page of Pentacles Reversed

The Page of Pentacles in reverse represents someone who is materialistic and irresponsible. They know what they want, but they treat it like a pipe dream rather than actually working toward it. They show up when there is a need to focus our efforts in a more productive way. Perhaps you are going after what you think you should want rather than something that will make you happy, or you spend more time daydreaming than pursuing your goals.