King of Pentacles



A light-skinned person with pink braided hair reclines atop piles of coins, resting each arm on a stack. A red checked drape is gathered in the center with one of the coins. Behind the drape is a red wall and a yellow door.

Key words

Upright: prosperity, security, power, abundance

Reversed: arrogance, ego, stinginess, greed

Reflection questions

  • Where in my life do I have the opportunity to improve my leadership skills? What can I learn from others in positions of authority?
  • How can I balance the value I place on money and success with the value I place on relationships?
  • How can I be a stabilizing presence in the lives of my loved ones?

King of Pentacles Upright

The King of Pentacles is a steady personality with self control, who inspires others to work hard and build wealth— that wealth could be material, or it could be spiritual. They know how to use their resources wisely and they prioritize quality over quantity. They are someone who others look to for advice and they are a stabilizing presence in others’ lives. They invite you to put in hard work to turn a dream into reality.

King of Pentacles Reversed

The King of Pentacles in reverse often represents someone whose relationship with money is out of balance. They might prioritize money over relationships, working too much and neglecting loved ones. Or perhaps they provide money as a means of controlling others. They are authoritarian, feeling they know what’s best while refusing to listen to others. Ask yourself whether you are too authoritarian or rigid, and know that money isn’t the most important thing in life.