Four of Pentacles



A light-skinned hand emerges from the right side of the scene. The thumb and first three fingers have pentacles attached to strings dangling from them. The background is hot pink, with a diagonal white stripe starting from the right side down to the bottom of the left side. The white stripe highlights the pentacles.

Key words

Upright: frugality, conservation, control

Reversed: greed, materialism, miserliness

Reflection questions

  • How can I develop a healthier relationship with money?
  • What steps can I take to create a more stable and sustainable financial future for myself?
  • How can I balance my need for financial security with my desire for personal fulfillment and happiness?

Four of Pentacles Upright

You have the resources you need, and maybe some extra, but you’re afraid to lose what you’ve gained. This can lead to acting from a scarcity mindset instead of going after what you want. Remember that money isn’t everything— it’s good to set a budget and be practical, but you deserve to live a little!

Four of Pentacles Reversed

There’s a difference between being careful with your resources and being greedy, and you are having a hard time finding that line. Material possessions and financial wealth are not the only means of reaching stability, nor are they a good measure of self worth. Ask yourself whether you are trying to exercise control over this part of your life because other things feel out of your control.