Five of Pentacles



A light-skinned, naked person is crouched on the floor with their head in their hands. Long brown hair obscures their face. Four large yellow coins are stacked on their back, with a fifth one about to be added to the stack. Two light-skinned hands reach out to help from the right side of the scene, but the figure does not see them.

Key words

Upright: need, hardship, misfortune, isolation, worry

Reversed: recovery, improvement, perseverance, rebuilding wealth

Reflection questions

  • Where do I feel a sense of lack or scarcity in my life?
  • What role do my relationships and support networks play in my ability to overcome adversity?
  • How can I create a sense of hope and optimism during difficult times?

Five of Pentacles Upright

You are feeling isolated, like you have no one to lean on. The good news is that help is available, as long as you’re not too proud to ask for it. If you stay focused on what you lack, you might miss out on opportunities to improve your situation.

Five of Pentacles Reversed

You have been through adversity but you’re entering a period of recovery. If you felt something was “missing” from your life, it is now within reach. It’s possible you don’t feel deserving of this newfound period of growth and recovery, but know that you do deserve to feel secure and comfortable.