Ten of Cups



A waterfall pours over a pyramid of ten overflowing cups. A rainbow, a yellow sky, and lush vegetation are seen in the background.

Key words

Upright: fulfillment, happiness, harmony

Reversed: shattered dreams, conflict, discord, blocked intimacy

Reflection questions

  • What does "home" mean to me? How can I create a space where I feel truly happy and fulfilled?
  • Am I open to receiving love and support from others, or am I putting up walls that prevent me from fully experiencing connection and joy?
  • What can I do to strengthen my bond with my family and community?

Ten of Cups Upright

The Ten of Cups encourages you to dream big and follow your heart. You may encounter some difficulties, but you can easily overcome them. Take time to enjoy your previous successes with your loved ones and look forward to the future knowing happiness lies ahead.

Ten of Cups Reversed

Even if you are unable to realize your dreams now, success awaits you in the future— or you may need to redefine success. Perhaps you’re being too hard on yourself, demanding perfection when your achievements are already celebration-worthy. If you’ve been feeling closed off from your loved ones, rekindle those connections, as they can help get you through this temporary feeling of dissatisfaction.