Six of Cups



Six cups have been drawn in chalk on the pale yellow ground. Two of the cups are pink, one is yellow, and the other three are varying shades of blue. Grass sprouts out of cracks in the sidewalk. Six pieces of chalk are scattered on the ground.

Key words

Upright: nostalgia, joy, inner child

Reversed: trauma, childishness, living in the past

Reflection questions

  • How can I connect with my inner child?
  • In what ways do my past experiences influence my present actions and decisions?
  • How can I find joy and happiness in the present moment?

Six of Cups Upright

The Six of Cups is the card of nostalgia, so reminisce on past experiences while making way for a bright future. Remember to make time for joy and play, casting aside your worries and responsibilities for a short time. You may find happiness in spending time in the comforts of home, helping a friend, engaging in mutual aid, or asking your inner child what they want and acting accordingly.

Six of Cups Reversed

You may be thinking about how things “should” be instead of accepting your past and current circumstances. The Six of Cups can also show up when there is a need to recover from trauma, which might be affecting present relationships. What needs weren’t met when you were a child? Can you give that to your inner child now? You may feel vulnerable while exploring this line of thinking, so don’t be afraid to talk to a friend, therapist, or other trusted individual.