Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups



A stalk of seven bright green Venus fly traps stands under a light blue stream of water. The insides of the mouths of the Venus fly traps are pink and purple. The background is black.

Key words

Upright: enticement, temptation, wishful thinking, diversion

Reversed: determination, decision, searching for purpose

Reflection questions

  • What choices and possibilities are currently available to me? How can I evaluate them to make the best decision?
  • What role do my values and priorities play in making important decisions and how can I ensure that I am aligned with them?
  • Am I being true to myself in the choices I am making or am I making decisions based on what others expect of me?

Seven of Cups Upright

You have many choices available to you— take time to consider all of your options, not just the obvious choices. Make a decision that is best for the long term rather than pursuing instant gratification. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Align with your higher self to ensure your choice isn’t based on ego, greed, or wishful thinking. The Seven of Cups can also indicate a need to focus on the present rather than constantly looking forward to “what’s next.”

Seven of Cups Reversed

You have carefully assessed your options and can be confident in your decision-making skills. Trust that you know what is right for you rather than making the choice you think others want or expect from you. If you feel overwhelmed with the options available to you, take a step back and ask yourself what you want in the long term. Eliminate choices that don’t align with your long-term priorities and it will become easier to make a decision.