Page of Cups

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A nude person with long hair is underwater, looking with wonder at a school of fish swimming by. Some of the water bubbles are in the shape of stars.

Key words

Upright: curiosity, dreaming, sensitivity, surprise

Reversed: immaturity, emotional instability, doubting intuition

Reflection questions

  • What creative pursuits or hobbies bring me joy and fulfillment? How can I incorporate more of these activities into my daily life?
  • How can I embrace my own uniqueness and quirks and use these to connect with others in meaningful and authentic ways?
  • What is something new I can try without having to be perfect at it?

Page of Cups Upright

The Page of Cups represents a person who tends to act from the heart rather than the head. They are in touch with their emotions and not afraid to try something new, even if they won’t be perfect at it. They encourage you to keep an open mind, focusing on what’s ideal rather than what’s possible. Pay attention to your dreams, as you may find some unexpected inspiration.

Page of Cups Reversed

The Page of Cups in reverse shows up to warn of unrealistic expectations, or pursuing a dream without forming a practical plan. Without a plan, challenges may arise that make you doubt your abilities, even though all you need is a bit of foresight. The Page of Cups in reverse can also represent a creative block, often as a result of self-consciousness. Instead of worrying whether you’re good enough, embrace your inner child and engage in some carefree expression: create art, do some writing, or pursue another creative endeavor. You don’t have to show anyone the results, but you may find yourself unblocked.