Knight of Cups



A person with medium skin tone and long brown hair regards an ornate cup of their own making held up in their left hand. The person wears a yellow smock over gray clothing. The cup shines in the light and is rimmed with jewels. An orange shelving unit full of misshapen cups sits against a pale orange background.

Key words

Upright: idealism, romanticism, adoration, charm

Reversed: moodiness, jealousy, discouragement, overreaction

Reflection questions

  • How can I practice greater awareness of my emotional state in order to better regulate my reactions to different situations?
  • What risks am I willing to take in order to pursue my passions and creative projects?
  • How can I continue to develop my own emotional resilience and learn to bounce back from setbacks and challenges with greater ease and grace?

Knight of Cups Upright

The Knight of Cups represents someone who is outgoing, charismatic, compassionate, and intuitive. They may not take criticism well, but they're not afraid to show their emotions. They encourage you to move forward with a bit of caution: start a creative project, but set and stick to a budget. Ask that person out, but don’t come on too strong.

Knight of Cups Reversed

The Knight of Cups in reverse represents someone who is feeling discouraged, moody, or jealous. They show up when there’s a need to learn the difference between honoring your feelings and dwelling on them. Examine the facts before acting on your emotions and make sure your expectations are realistic. If you’re frustrated that you dreams aren’t coming true, ask yourself whether you’re taking steps toward realizing them or if you’re waiting for things to happen— it’s not enough to dream, you must also do!