King of Cups



A person with medium-toned skin and pink hair sits on a white throne surrounded by a pool of water. Their right leg is crossed over their left. They wear a white jumpsuit with white, flat shoes. They look down at their cupped hands, which spill water into the pool surrounding the throne. There are ripples and stars in the water. In the background there are red, jagged mountains and shadowy trees against an orange sky, where a big, yellow sun shines.

Key words

Upright: compassion, diplomacy, balance, mindfulness

Reversed: emotional manipulation, bad advice, low spirits

Reflection questions

  • What role does emotional intelligence play in my personal and professional relationships? How can I continue to develop this important skill?
  • What can I do to foster greater emotional intimacy and connection in my personal relationships, and to create deeper and more meaningful connections with those around me?
  • How can I balance my material pursuits with my spiritual or emotional needs?

King of Cups Upright

The King of Cups maintains a calm temperament, even in times of stress. They know how to balance listening to their intuition with considering the facts of a situation. They may feel isolated at times, occupying this space of rationality when others are overreacting. They remind you not to let others’ feelings get in the way of doing what’s best for you, even if it means venturing out on your own.

King of Cups Reversed

The King of Cups in reverse represents a need to take responsibility for your emotions. You may be focusing on the negative too much, or setting unrealistic expectations for other people. Be careful of setting unrealistic expectations for yourself, too— self-compassion is just as important as showing compassion to others.