Four of Cups



Four blue cups are joined together over a pool of spilled water. A reflection of a person’s face can be seen in the water held by the four cups.

Key words

Upright: contemplation, introspection, restlessness

Reversed: stubbornness, self-absorption, lost opportunity

Reflection questions

  • Am I too comfortable or complacent in my current situation? What steps can I take to challenge myself and grow?
  • Have I ever turned down an opportunity that wasn't right for me? How did I decide not to pursue it?
  • What limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns may be holding me back from experiencing joy and fulfillment?

Four of Cups Upright

If you’re feeling disappointed about your current situation, you may be missing out on new opportunities because you are focused on your discontent. Alternatively, you might be turning down new prospects because they don’t feel right. Either way, take time to sit with your feelings and ask what is blocking you from moving forward. If you don’t know what you want, you won’t be able to go for it.

Four of Cups Reversed

The Four of Cups in reverse calls out a need for introspection. You don’t need to completely shut out your loved ones, but you could benefit from some alone time. If you find yourself stuck in negative thought patterns, try a change in routine or scenery. Remember that avoidance won’t make a problem go away, so after this period of reflection be ready to take action.