Eight of Cups



A yellow and orange Turkish teapot is surrounded by eight yellow cups, all damaged in varying degrees from cracked to shattered. The background is a deep, dark blue.

Key words

Upright: disillusionment, abandonment, brooding

Reversed: avoidance, fear of loss, aimlessness, indecision

Reflection questions

  • Which aspects of my life am I feeling dissatisfied with or unfulfilled by? How can I make room for something new?
  • What past experiences or beliefs may be holding me back from embracing change and growth, and how can I work to overcome them?
  • How can I learn the difference between honoring my feelings and dwelling on them?

Eight of Cups Upright

It’s time to leave behind something you care about even though moving on feels difficult. This could refer to a relationship, a job, a project you put a lot of love and effort into, or any life circumstance which doesn’t fulfill you. Don’t fall for the “sunk cost” fallacy— it’s okay to pursue something, realize it’s not what you truly want, and then move on to the next endeavor. Think about what will make you happy and move toward it, even if the path ahead seems difficult.

Eight of Cups Reversed

You may be afraid to let go of something that no longer serves you. While fear can stem from intuition and allow us to protect ourselves, it can hold us back sometimes. Ask yourself where this fear is coming from: Are you afraid you’ll have regrets? Do you fear disappointing others? Or are you unsure of where to go next? The path ahead may be difficult, but it is likely worth it— some careful planning might make the prospect of moving on feel less intimidating.