X. Wheel of Fortune



A close-up of an eye shows concentric pink and purple circles with eight spokes on the outer two rings. White constellations of stars form around the pupil of the eye. The background of the card is pink.

Key words

Upright: destiny, turning point, life cycles

Reversed: resisting change, unrest, bad luck, breaking cycles

Reflection questions

  • Which patterns or cycles in my life need to be broken?
  • How can I exercise agency to shape my direction in life?
  • What changes or transitions am I currently facing in life?

Wheel of Fortune Upright

The Wheel of Fortune represents the inevitability of change. If you are going through a difficult time, things will get better. If you’re feeling on top of the world, remember that life comes with unavoidable highs and lows. Make the most of happy times, and in your lower moments, be optimistic that your luck will change for the better. If you feel that change is being forced upon you, see what happens if you stop resisting and let the wheel of fate continue to turn.

Wheel of Fortune Reversed

While there are some things in life you cannot change, you are not exempt from taking responsibility for your actions and circumstances. You will not accomplish anything by waiting for some unseen force to swoop in and make things happen for you. You may need to break a negative cycle (in your behavior or in relationships) in order to turn your luck around. It might seem like the universe is working against you, but you can overcome this resistance if you accept that your path will not be a straightforward one.