XXI. The World



A brown hand emerges from the center of a yellow circle with water spilling out of both sides, representing the suit of Cups. Floating above the hand are a sprouting branch (representing the suit of Wands), a sand dollar (representing the suit of Pentacles) and a sword (representing the suit of Swords). A crescent moon, the sun, and a star adorn the top of the yellow circle. Twenty-two cards emerge from the edges of the scene, representing all of the other major arcana. The background is black with two wide blue stripes forming an X behind the yellow circle.

Key words

Upright: accomplishment, fulfillment, completion

Reversed: lacking fulfillment, stagnancy, impediments

Reflection questions

  • What are the biggest accomplishments or milestones that I have achieved in my life so far? How have these experiences shaped me as a person?
  • How have I grown and evolved as an individual over time? What lessons have I learned along the way?
  • What are my long-term goals and aspirations? What steps can I take to work toward them?

The World Upright

The World card represents fulfillment, triumph, and realizing ambitions. It is a celebratory card, but also an invitation to reflect on and celebrate your achievements before moving on to “the next thing.” Allow yourself to gain a sense of closure so you don’t feel like you’re on a treadmill, forever running to the next mile marker.

The World Reversed

The World in reverse indicates that you might not be setting your sights high enough. As long as you don’t lose focus before the finish line, you can accomplish what you truly want to, so don’t settle. It’s also possible you might be seeking closure and unable to get it. Seeking closure from another person or a situation beyond your control is setting yourself up for disappointment. You need to make peace with and let go of the past on your own in order to move forward.