XVI. The Tower



A carefully-sculpted sand castle raises up toward the sky on the right side of the scene. The blue ocean, adorned with stars, is seen in the background. A bright-pink sky holds a large, white cloud with a yellow lightning bolt headed toward the sand castle.

Key words

Upright: sudden upheaval, destruction, awakening

Reversed: fear of disaster, avoiding change

Reflection questions

  • What can I do to prepare myself for unexpected events or crises, and how can my support network help me cope with them?
  • What structures, beliefs or relationships in my life have become unstable or unsustainable? Do I want to rebuild, or is it better to let go?
  • What steps can I take to create a more stable and fulfilling future for myself, even in the face of uncertainty or change?

The Tower Upright

A sudden change leaves you feeling unstable and insecure. You may feel confused, shocked, or discouraged. The Tower is a lesson in humility, reminding us that what we build can be knocked over at any time. Instead of mourning what has been destroyed, consider the precarious foundation it was resting on. Can you build something stronger, more resilient, on more stable ground?

The Tower Reversed

Being in denial about change doesn’t prevent change from happening. Consider that the upheaval you’ve been avoiding might be good for you in the long run. You can learn self-reliance, resilience, and how to build something from the ground up. Rather than fearing what looms on the horizon, be thankful that you have time to prepare.