IX. The Hermit



A light-skinned figure with long, pink hair peeks out from behind a pink and yellow drape. They hold a candle in their left hand and are partly covered in shadows. The bags under their eyes suggest they’ve been behind the curtain for a long time.

Key words

Upright: introspection, searching, guidance

Reversed: loneliness, isolation, ignorance

Reflection questions

  • How can I use my knowledge and wisdom to guide and support others?
  • How can I find a balance between giving myself alone time and spending time with loved ones?
  • Am I comfortable with silence and solitude, or do I fear being alone with my thoughts?

The Hermit Upright

You know what your immediate next steps are, but you can’t see far into the future (yet). Don’t be afraid of that uncertainty. This is a chance to cultivate your inner wisdom through self-reflection. Take some time to learn to enjoy your own company. Evaluate your goals, values, and beliefs as you decide where you’re headed next. Share what you’ve learned with others so you can be the lantern that lights their paths in times of uncertainty.

The Hermit Reversed

The Hermit in reverse can indicate a struggle to connect with your inner self. Perhaps you are dissatisfied in life without knowing why. Maybe you find yourself isolated from your friends and loved ones. Take time for some quiet contemplation, whether it comes in the form of mediation, journaling, or a solitary walk through nature. Know that you have inner wisdom while remaining open to advice from others. Seek out a mentor, someone you look up to, or a therapist if that is available to you. To address feelings of isolation, consider that you may need to hold out your lantern so others can find their way to you.