0. The Fool



A shirtless person with long, pastel blue hair looks at a flower held in their right hand. A magenta-colored sun shines against a bright yellow background, overlooking calm blue seas.

Key words

Upright: beginnings, free spirit, leap of faith, inner child, spontaneity

Reversed: carelessness, naïveté, self-doubt, limiting oneself

Reflection questions

  • What opportunities am I overlooking due to fear of the unknown?
  • Am I taking risks or playing it safe? Is there a balance between the two?
  • What areas of my life could benefit from more spontaneity, curiosity, and creativity?

The Fool Upright

You’re standing on the precipice of something great. It can be scary to take risks, but you’ll never know what could have been if you don’t take that leap into the unknown. Be open to new opportunities and take a moment to set clear intentions before diving in. What do you hope to get out of this? How can you prioritize joy along the way? Don’t worry about finding the perfect approach. If you end up making a mistake, turn it into a learning opportunity and don’t let it discourage you from continuing on your journey. Try something new, no matter how small, and see where it leads you.

The Fool Reversed

A new opportunity is available, but something is holding you back. Would you feel more comfortable proceeding if you had a detailed plan? Are you ignoring advice because you (subconsciously) don’t want to be talked out of something? Are you afraid of failure or of being seen as “foolish” by others? Take time to connect with your inner child. What does that inner child need to feel safe and confident enough to take a risk? What can they teach you about pursuing joy and freeing yourself of “adult” concerns?