III. The Empress



A dark-skinned person with pink eyes looks straight at the viewer. They have curly purple hair tied back in a bun and adorned with pastel pink and yellow flowers. Those same pink and yellow flowers flank them on either side. They hold a cornucopia, inside of which the galaxy can be seen. The cornucopia is overflowing with fruit, flowers, and six stars. One of the stars is tied around the Empress’ neck with a yellow string.

Key words

Upright: abundance, creativity, nourishment, beauty

Reversed: dependence on others, fruitless endeavors, creative blockage

Reflection questions

  • How do I nurture and care for myself, and how can I improve in this area?
  • What relationships or connections do I have that support my growth and well-being?
  • How can I honor and respect my body and physical needs?

The Empress Upright

The Empress reminds you to take a moment to care for yourself. Connect with your senses, spend time in nature, and reflect on the abundance that surrounds you. Remember that self-care does not have to take the form of expensive purchases; you can light your favorite candle, bring a book to the park, put a fresh set of sheets on your bed, or take a leisurely bath. Traditional interpretations of The Empress refer to a mother figure. Motherhood can take many forms and is not limited to any one gender. How do you care for others, and how do your loved ones care for you?

The Empress Reversed

Motherhood can (and should) involve mothering yourself, regardless of whether you have children. Ensure your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs are met. If you are feeling stifled in any way, consider your relationships. Have you become overly dependent on someone, or made someone dependent on you? It may be time to create space between you and that person. Rather than a person, there may be a project or responsibility that is taking up too much space in your mind, leaving no time or energy for things that bring you joy. Focus on your relationship with yourself— engage your senses and nurture your creativity. Remember not to neglect yourself when you show up for others.