VII. The Chariot



A person with medium-toned skin and long, pink hair is shown in profile. They wear a purple cloth over their left shoulder and hold a bunch of pink flowers in their left hand. The ride in a golden wheelchair with light blue wings. Two creatures’ heads stick out on either side of the wheelchair. A dark blue city skyline is seen in the background under a starry, gradient green-blue sky.

Key words

Upright: commitment, willpower, inner drive

Reversed: uncertainty, stubbornness, lack of momentum

Reflection questions

  • What is driving me forward in life, and what motivates me to achieve my goals?
  • How can I practice more discipline and focus in pursuit of my goals?
  • What challenges or obstacles am I currently facing, and how can I overcome them?

The Chariot Upright

The Chariot represents a strong will to succeed combined with the discipline and commitment necessary for achieving success. It is not enough to want something; you need to move toward your goals. If your chariot is made of stone, you may not be able to move as fast as you’d like, but that slowness gives you a chance to focus on your next move so you can be sure it’s the right one. Have faith in yourself, stand up for what you believe in, and you’ll triumph over any obstacles that get in your way.

The Chariot Reversed

Are you worried that you’re going down the wrong path? It’s not too late to reevaluate and change course. Admitting you were wrong can be hard, but don’t push forward solely out of stubbornness. Appearing to be in control isn’t worth suppressing your emotions or ignoring your intuition. The path to success is available to you, but you have to choose it and move in that direction.