VIII. Strength



An orange figure is shown from the shoulders up in profile, facing to the right of the scene. Superimposed over the figure is a lion with a full mane. The background is blue with magenta flowers and green vines.

Key words

Upright: fortitude, patience, compassion, influence

Reversed: apprehension, doubt, weakness, insecurity

Reflection questions

  • What are my greatest strengths and talents, and how can I tap into them?
  • How can I develop more courage and resilience in my life?
  • How can I practice compassion and forgiveness, both towards myself and others?

Strength Upright

Strength is not brute force. Strength is compassion, gentle influence, and a measured approach to challenging situations. The Strength card is a reminder to work with others rather than bending them to your will; to recognize and honor your anger, shame, and righteousness without letting those feelings consume you. If you are approaching burnout, be encouraged by The Strength card— you have what it takes to reach your goal. Be kind to yourself and others in the process.

Strength Reversed

The Strength card in reverse can be an indicator that you are feeling vulnerable or lacking confidence. You may be holding back because you don’t want to fail, but refusing to try is a guaranteed path to failure. Strength in reverse may also indicate that you need to show patience or compassion to yourself or someone else in your life. Remember that compassion is not weakness; aggression is often a sign of cowardice.