XI. Justice



A black, cloaked figure parts the pink clouds holding a sword adorned with a star, sun, and crescent moon in their left hand. The Earth rests at their feet. The figure is wearing a white veil and a yellow beaded ribbon on their head. The sky in the background is hot pink.

Key words

Upright: fairness, responsibility, truth, cause and effect

Reversed: dishonesty, unfairness, bias, injustice

Reflection questions

  • How can I ensure that I am making fair and ethical decisions?
  • Which values and principles are most important to me and how can I align my actions accordingly?
  • What injustices or inequalities am I most aware of and how can I create positive change?

Justice Upright

The Justice card often shows up in advance of a major decision that will have long-term consequences. Before approaching a decision, remove factors that could unbalance your assessment of the situation. You may be left with an empty scale like the figure in the card, but you can be intentional about what you add. Discern helpful thoughts from unhelpful ones; seek to understand the emotional and logical aspects of every problem. Rather than dismissing counterarguments, take a moment to see what you can learn from your opposition. It might provide an opportunity to change the conversation in your favor.

Justice Reversed

The Justice card in reverse represents, well, injustice. You may be asked to own up to your actions or you might be owed retribution. If you’re faced with a big decision, make sure you’re taking into account all the relevant facts. Be sure not to choose your path based on bias, conscious or unconscious. Listen to your head and your heart. If there’s a conflict between the two, explore that. Remember to be honest with yourself and others.