XX. Judgement



A large eye with a red iris looks down on a spear that is headed straight down toward a red and black sphere. The sphere is connected to four others with a string that hangs down from the eye. The background is pink with some yellow clouds and orange vegetation emerging from the sides.

Key words

Upright: reflection, reckoning, epiphany

Reversed: self-doubt, being over-critical, misinterpretation

Reflection questions

  • Where in life could I use more accountability and responsibility?
  • What can I learn from past regrets or mistakes and how can I let them go?
  • How can I find a way to honor my own truth and authenticity, even in the face of criticism or opposition from others?

Judgement Upright

The Judgement card heralds an important life lesson. You’ve made mistakes in the past, but what you have learned from those mistakes is more important. With this new understanding of the world and your place in it, you are being called to act in service of your higher purpose. If the Judgement card shows up when you are evaluating an important life decision, do what you know is right rather than what others want you to do.

Judgement Reversed

You may fear being judged by others, likely because you are too critical of yourself. It’s hard to trust your sense of right and wrong when you have low self-esteem. Dedicate time to personal development, whether that means attending therapy, renewing interest in a spiritual practice, or journaling.